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New and Updated Properties/Methods in ImageCapture Suite

Generally speaking, we can see ImageCapture Suite as the bundle of Dynamic Web TWAIN and Dynamic Webcam SDK. The new suite is designed to provide the most flexibility to your end users. No matter they are using a scanner, digital camera or web camera as the imaging device, ImageCapture Suite is the all-in-one solution.

New and updated methods/properties comparing to Dynamic Web TWAIN

Compared to Dynamic Web TWAIN or Dynamic Webam SDK, ImageCapture Suite has the a few methods/properties updated to support both scanners and webcams.

Updated Properties
Updated Methods

New Properties

New Methods

New and updated methods/properties in the webcam module of ICS

ImageCapture Suite supports Webcam via the DirectShow technology. Because of the big difference between scanners and webcams, some of the properties & methods of ImageCapture Suite are meant for webcams only.

Webcam only methods

Webcam only properties