Dynamsoft Document Scanning SDKs

Embed TWAIN Document Scanning with JavaScript and .NET APIs

Dynamsoft provides two image acquisition components: Dynamic Web TWAIN and Dynamic .NET TWAIN.
Both support TWAIN document scanning, webcam image capture, image editing and uploading,
but differ slightly in terms of the other features they offer.

Document Scanning Features Comparison

Application Type Web Application Desktop Application
WinForms & WPF
Client OS
Specification TWAIN 2.1 and below, DirectShow TWAIN 2.1 and below, DirectShow
Supported Devices TWAIN scanners, cameras; DirectShow webcams TWAIN scanners, cameras; DirectShow webcams
SDK Types ActiveX, Plug-in, HTML5
WebSocket SDK
.NET Component
Available add-ons Webcam Capture, 1D&2D
Barcode Reader, PDF Rasterizer
PDF Rasterizer, 1D&2D
Barcode Generator & Reader,
OCR, Annotation
Online Demo → Online Demo →
  • Security
    Digital Signature
    DEP Compatible
    Windows Authentication
    Forms Authentication
    Basic Authentication
    Protected Mode
  • Scanning
    Customizable scanning properties: UI, Resolution, Pixel Type, ADF, Duplex, Brightness, Contrast, etc.
    Image Load
    Three Transfer Modes
    Live Video Stream
  • Image Edit
    Change Image Size
    Switch Images in Buffer
    Append & Insert Images
    Zoom In/Out
  • Save & Upload
    Upload/download Image through HTTP and FTP
    Upload and Download Image through Proxy
  • Supported Formats
    (Multi-page) PDF
    (Multi-page) TIFF
    RLE, G3, G4, LZW, PackBits TIFF Compression