Scan Documents and Upload as Images Online

Are you looking for a web-based document scanning toolkit for your users to do online document scanning and uploading easily via your website? If so, Dynamic Web TWAIN, a browser-based TWAIN SDK, is the right solution for you.

The document scanning library works with IE x86/x64, Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera on Windows and Mac OS X.

Online document scanning demo

Try out the demo of Dynamic Web TWAIN for online document scanning and uploading:
Run online demo >

online document scanner

These tasks are just one-click away with the Web TWAIN scanning SDK:

  • Scan documents online from a scanner, edit and upload as images / stream to a web server or database;
  • Scan documents and save locally as a BMP, JPEG, PNG or multi-page TIFF/PDF file;
  • Acquire images from a camera/digital card, edit and save to local disk or upload to web server;
  • Capture images from DirectShow compatible webcams with the webcam capture add-on.
  • Load local images to your web browser, edit and save/upload

Dynamic Web TWAIN

document scanning API for you to scan and upload documents online
Dynamic Web TWAIN is a client-side scan control which allows you to interact with scanners and other TWAIN devices via web browsers. You can use JavaScript to call its methods/properties and embed it into your web application easily.

The document scanning library has features specially designed for web environments:

  • ActiveX, Plug-in and HTML5 Editions that support all main-stream browsers on Windows & Mac OS X;
  • Uploading / downloading images via HTTP(s) and FTP(s), Windows Authentication, Basic Authentication, Forms Authentication, Anonymous authentication, SSL certificate binding and session/cookie support;
  • You can deploy it on your preferred web server (IIS, Apache, Tomcat etc.).

Try Web TWAIN SDK for free

If you are developing a desktop document scanning solution, Dynamic .NET TWAIN, a native .NET scanning component, suits you better. It is optimized for use in C# and VB.NET.

What’s TWAIN

TWAIN is a standard software protocol defined by TWAIN Working Group. It is an applications programming interface (API) that regulates communication between software applications and imaging devices, such as scanner, digital camera and capture card.

With several popular scanner manufacturers being initiators of the TWAIN Working Group, most, if not all, scanners come with a TWAIN driver and are TWAIN compatible.

If you have an interest to know the difference between TWAIN and other scanning protocols such as WIA, ISIS, SANE, you can also check Document Scanning: TWAIN, WIA, ISIS or SANE?

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