Source Control in Visual Studio 2012/2010/2008/2005 using SourceAnywhere

SourceAnywhere, the SQL-server based version control solution designed as a Visual SourceSafe (VSS) replacement, is optimized for you to manage the source code revisions of your Visual Studio projects.

  • Visual Studio Integration. SourceAnywhere provides a Microsoft Source Code Control Interface (MSSCCI) Plugin for integration with Visual Studio 2012/2010/2008/2005 and also 2003/6.0. The version control plugin enables you to efficiently manage the versions/histories of files and have multiple developers work on a project concurrently in Visual Studio.
  • Enhanced performance. Add-in technology is used to reduce unnecessary refresh event when working in Visual Studio.
  • SourceAnywhere is a pure and simple version control solution. You can use it along with other 3rd-party plug-ins in Visual Studio according to your needs.


For Visual Studio 2005 and above, you can set the source control plug-in at Tools->Options->Source Control in Visual Studio.

Choose Source Control Provider in Visual Studio

Source Control Commands in Visual Studio

For Visual Studio 6.0 and 2003, SourceAnywhere provides a tool – SCC Provider Manager – to set the current source control provider. The utility can be found in the program group of  SourceAnywhere Client.

SCC Provider Manager - SourceAnywhere

More screenshots can be found here.

How to use SourceAnywhere Source Control in Visual Studio?

The first developer adds a project to Source Control

1. Select the source control tool at menu Tools -> Options -> Source Control, and choose one in the Current source control plug-in drop-down list.

2. Add a project to source control – Open your project/Create a new project, and then right-click the solution file in Solution Explorer and click menu Add Solution to Source Control.

3. After the project being added to source control, a lock icon will appear beside the filename.

Other developers retrieve the project from server

Most of today’s projects need the collaboration of a team. Therefore, after a developer adds the project to source control, other developers working on the same project need to retrieve these files from server to local.To retrieve files from server, we can simply click menu File -> Source Control -> Open from Source Control in Visual Studio.

Dynamsoft has been a Microsoft Gold Certified partner for years. All products are designed with Visual Studio users in mind. Let us know your experience of using SourceAnywhere version control in Visual Studio in the comments section below.

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