License List


License is a permission of commercial use of the system. Without Licenses, it's impossible for users to sign up or log in Dynamsoft Issue Tracking Anywhere. When you purchase Dynamsoft Issue Tracking Anywhere, you are actually purchasing licenses to use this software. You can also purchase more licenses later if needed.

This page allows you to manage the licenses of Dynamsoft Issue Tracking Anywhere.

Access Rights

You must have System Settings Management permission.

To Manage Licenses

1. Click Licenses in the System Settings dropdown list on the top menu bar of the System Admin page, and the License List page appears, as seen in the following figure:

2. Input the serial number in Serial Number textbox.

3. Click Add to add the license, or click Reset to clear the textbox.

Window Items:

Serial number

    The serial number of Dynamsoft Issue Tracking Anywhere.


    Add the serial number you input in the textbox.


    Empty the content in the textbox.

License Type

    The type of the serial number, such as Trial, Named User, Site and Maintenance.


   The maximum number of active users in the system.

Expiration Date

    The date on which the license will be disabled. License type Trial and Maintenance have the expiration date.


    Delete the serial number.


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