Email Server


This page contains information on how to set Email Server in the system.

To Set Email Server

1. Click Admin | SCM Anywhere | Email Server, and the Email Server window will appear, as seen in the following figure:

2. Fill in the blanks. The fields with yellow shading are required.

3. Click Apply to submit the setting.

4. Click Test to test current setting and verify that the connection between your Dynamsoft SCM Anywhere server and your Email server is valid.

Window Items:

Server name

    The name of the SMTP server.

    For example:

Server port

    The port of the SMTP server.

    For example: 25.

My server requires authentication

   Check to enable the SMTP server authentication.

Account name

    The SMTP user name. Only appears when My server requires authentication is enabled.


    The SMTP user password. Only appears when My server requires authentication is enabled.

Return address

    The Email address for the receiver to send back Emails.

    For example:

Sender name

    The name of the Email sender.

Connection timeout (seconds)

    The time limit of a SMTP connection.

    For example: 30s.

Send frequency

    The frequency of sending Emails.

    For example: Every Minute.

Maximal times of sending Email

    The maximum failure times of sending Emails.

    The SMTP server will cancel sending Emails when it fails to send Emails within the defined maximal times.

    For example: 30.


    Submit your settings.

Test Connection

    Test whether the system can be connected to the Email Server, and User name as well as password is correct.

Send Test Email

   Test whether you can receive Email from the system. See Send Test Email.


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