CruiseControl.NET Plug-in

SCM Anywhere Standalone provides a plug-in for CruiseControl.NET for continuous integration. The plug-in is developed using SCM Anywhere Standalone C# SDK and is available as a standalone plug-in.

To use SCM Anywhere Standalone with CruiseControl.NET, you need to install CruiseControl.NET on your build server, install the SCM Anywhere Standalone C# SDK and configure the source control block in your ccnet.config file.

SCM Anywhere Standalone Configuration Example

  <project name="ccnet.SCMS.plugin">
    <sourcecontrol type="SCMS" autoGetSource="true" applyLabel="true">

Configuration Elements

Besides CruiseControl.NET plug-in, SCM Anywhere Standalone also provides a plug-in for Ant for automatic build. See Ant Plug-in.

Node Description Type Required Default
server The domain name or IP address of a running SCM Anywhere Standalone server. string true null
port The port of a running SCM Anywhere Standalone server. string true null
ssl Specifies whether to connect to server using SSL encryption. bool false false
teamProjectName The team project you want to log into. string true null
serverFolder A valid folder in the current SCM Anywhere Standalone team project. string true null
username Username that CCNet should use to authenticate with SCM Anywhere Standalone Server. string true null
password Password for the SCM Anywhere Standalone user. string true null
workingDirectory The root folder where the latest source will be retrieved from the Source Server. This path can either be absolute or it can be relative to the CCNet project working directory. string false CCNET roject working directory
autoGetSource Specifies if CCNet should automatically retrieve the latest version of the source from repository. bool false true
applyLabel Specifies if CCNet should apply the build label to the repository. bool false true

Installing CruiseControl.NET Plug-in

To install the plug-in, please follow the steps below:

  1. Install SCM Anywhere Standalone C# SDK.
  2. Download the SCM Anywhere Standalone CruiseControl.NET plug-in and upzip it into the CruiseControl.NET server directory.
  3. Edit the ccnet.config file in the CruiseControl.NET server directory appropriately.

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