Add to My Favorites


This page allows you to add a global query to favorites in the system.

Access Rights

Any user can operate this page.

To Add to My Favorites

1. Click Public Queries node or Private Queries node under Queries node on the left tree menu of Issue Tracking page in the system, and the Public Queries/Private Queries in Queries page appears.

2. Select the query that you wish to add to favorites on Public Queries/Private Queries in Queries page, click in Add to My Favorites column on the right, and the Add to My Favorites page appears, as seen in the following figure:

3. Input the shortcut name for the query. Shortcut name cannot be empty.

4. Click Save to add query to favorites.

Window Items:

Query name

    Name and destination of the query.

Shortcut name

    Shortcut name for the query.


    Finish adding the query to favorites.


    Cancel adding the query to favorites.


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