Public Queries in Queries


In Dynamsoft Issue Tracking Anywhere, you can search issues via Project Queries or Queries.

Project Queries allow you to search issues within a project.

Queries allow you to search issues within the whole system.

There are two sets of queries in both project queries and queries: Public Queries and Private Queries. Public Queries are visible to all users while Private Queries are only used by the creator of the query.

Access Rights

Any user can visit this page. Only the users who have Public Queries Management permission can add, edit and delete queries.

To open Public Queries in Queries window

Click Public Queries node under Queries node on the left tree menu of Issue Tracking page in the system, and the Public Queries in Queries page appears, as seen in the following figure:

Window Items:

Add Query

    Add a new query. See Add Query.


    The name of the query. For example: My Create.

Add to My Favorite

    Add the query to My favorites. See Add to My Favorites.

Copy Query

    Copy the query to Private/Public Queries in Queries. See Copy Query in Queries.


    Modify the query. See Edit Query.


    Delete the query.


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