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CapMinValue Property


Sets or returns the minimum value in a range when the value of the CapType property is TWON_RANGE. This is a runtime property.

Data type



ObjectName. CapMinValue


Reading this property after calling CapGet() method. After setting this property, call CapSet() method to actually set the value.

CapMinValue property is valid only when the value of the CapType property is TWON_RANGE.

For information of which properties are valid for different container types, please refer to CapType property.

When an error occurs and IfThrowException property is TRUE, an exception will be thrown. Check ErrorCode property and ErrorString property for error information.

See also

Capability Property, CapCurrentValue property, CapDefaultValue property, CapMaxValue property, CapStepSize property, CapType property


Refer to Setting Capability with TW_RANGE.




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