Dynamsoft Enhances Software Configuration Management With SCM Anywhere 2.1

VANCOUVER, BC--(Marketwire - Sep 02, 2009)

Dynamsoft Corporation today announced the update for its software configuration management solution, SCM Anywhere(TM) 2.1.

In the context of complex projects, teams are looking for an integrated solution to manage the whole software development life cycle. SCM Anywhere is designed to serve the needs with easy deployment, reliable performance, enhanced security and high customizability.

With the newest update, the product performance gets greatly improved. Some new features are introduced in response to customers' requests, such as friendlier UI, more flexible customizability, and etc. SCM Anywhere 2.1 has high performance locally and remotely. A sophisticated cache mechanism is used on the server side to reduce the hard disk operations and SQL Server requests. Compression is used for data transfer. The product also provides advanced issue tracking features. Users can customize their field, user form, workflow, email notification and security according to their needs.

"Working closely with our customers and being a software development team ourselves, we have gained deep and profound insight about software configuration management systems. This helps us understand what exactly SCM solution a development team is in need of," said Amy Gu, vice president, Dynamsoft Corporation. "SCM Anywhere supports integration with Visual Studio, Eclipse and Macromedia Studio as well as other MSSCCI-compatible IDEs. Meanwhile, cross-platform clients are provided to allow accessibility from Windows, Linux, Mac, and etc."

SCM Anywhere has 2 editions: SCM Anywhere Hosted, the world's first hosted software configuration management solution, is delivered as a SaaS (Software as a Service) application, and SCM Anywhere Standalone can be deployed on site.

Pricing and Availability

For more information about SCM Anywhere, please contact sales@dynamsoft.com or visit: https://www.dynamsoft.com/Products/software-configuration-management.aspx.

About Dynamsoft Corp.

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