Dynamsoft Releases SourceAnywhere for VSS 5.4

New Version Offers the Fastest Remote Access to Visual SourceSafe Over TCP/IP

VANCOUVER, BC--(Marketwire - May 15, 2009)

Dynamsoft today announced the release of SourceAnywhere for VSS 5.4, a Visual SourceSafe add-on tool recommended by Microsoft for VSS remote and cross-platform access.

First released in 2003, SourceAnywhere for VSS was created with four core objectives in mind: performance, security, multi-platform support, and SourceSafe GUI similarity. The latest version attests to the determination and ability of Dynamsoft to deliver the fastest remote access possible over TCP/IP.

Every version of SourceAnywhere provides fast, secure and reliable access to Visual SourceSafe. Impressed by the performance, thousands of organizations have implemented SourceAnywhere for VSS as their source control solution.

"Getting the latest version and checking in and out source code is very fast," said Jim Cronie, Operations Director, Business Micros. "Remote source code check outs using a VPN connection and MS SourceSafe on a Vista machine took over a minute to accomplish. Now it only takes seconds with SourceAnywhere for VSS and no VPN connection is required."

Cronie had this comment a while ago, and SourceAnywhere for VSS 5.4 goes further in the performance. Also, many other new features are introduced: build automation, improved Cache Server logging, and so on. Some of the features are designed specifically in response to the users' feature requests.

Pricing and Availability

For more information about the pricing and availability, please contact sales@dynamsoft.com or visit https://www.dynamsoft.com/Products/SAW_Overview.aspx.

About Dynamsoft Corp.

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