Linear Barcode, QR Code, DataMatrix, PDF417 and Aztec API

Linear Barcode, QR Code, DataMatrix and PDF417 API

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[Java] Barcode Reader Sample for Android

It demonstrates how to auto-scan barcodes from the mobile camera using Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK and Camera 2 API on Android devices.

[Android] Show Barcode Overlays In Video

It demonstrates how to show barcode results with overlays once barcodes are found in the video stream within an App on Android devices.

[Android] Continuous Scan In Debug Mode

It demonstrates how to get the original image when scanning barcodes in the video stream within an App on Android devices. The original image is helpful for Dynamsoft to analyze why the barcode is not detected or why the barcode is detected but the result is incorrect.

[Android] Auto Zoom Camera For Barcode Scan

It demonstrates how to auto zoom camera during scanning if barcodes are localized but unrecognized within an App on Android devices.

[Cordova] DBR Cordova Plugin

This sample uses the Cordova plugin to quickly develop mobile barcode reader apps for iOS and Android.

React Native for Mobile App

This sample demonstrates how to build a React Native Project using Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK.

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