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Get Latest Version Dialog Box

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Retrieves the most recent version of a file, a group of files, or an entire project from Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere for VSS and creates read-only copies for viewing or compiling in your working folder.

In Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere for VSS, select one or more items, then click Get Latest Version on SourceSafe menu.

Dialog Box Items


Specifies the working folder to which the items are copied. By default, SouceAnyWhere copies files into your working folder with the same name as in the database. However, you can enter a different folder and file path, or click Browse to select a different location in the folder tree.

Recursive (project-level Get only)

Checks out the project and all its subprojects.

Note: The cloaked subproject could not be copied to the specified working folder..

Build Tree Override Working Folders (project-level Get only)

Overrides the working folder set for the subprojects involved in a recursive operation, and builds a Project Tree that mirrors the project organization on your local computer. Working folder settings for individual subprojects are ignored. Available only when you select the Recursive check box.

Make Writable

Specifies whether to get a writable copy of the selected item.

Replace Writable

Determines how Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere for VSS behaves when you try to get a file that is already marked as writable in your working folder. Possible options are as follows:

End-of-line Terminator

Specifies the end-of-line terminator for files. Possible options are as follows:

The default EOL mode is set on the Tools->Options-> Files Tab. It needs to be changed if the operating system where the working folder resides differs from the operating system Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere for VSS Client is currently running on. For example, if Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere for VSS Client is running on a Windows operating system but needs to retrieve files to a working folder that is on a Mac OS, you can change the EOL Terminator to Mac(\r) so that files retrieved to the working folder will be displayed correctly.

Set File Time

Associates a time with the Get command. Possible options are as follows:

Current: Sets the modified date and time of the local copy to the current date and time.

Modification: Sets the modified date and time of the local copy to the date and time when the file was last modified.

Check In: Sets the modified date and time of the local copy to the date and time when the file was last checked in.

The default option in this dropdown list is set on the Tools->Options->Files Tab.

Only show this dialog when the Shift key is down

Hides this dialog box unless you hold down SHIFT key and select Get command at the same time.


Confirms the Get operation.


Closes the dialog box without retrieving any item.

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