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File/Project History Option Dialog Box

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Specifies the filter conditions for the file/project history.

In Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere for VSS, select one item and click Show History on the Tools menu.

Dialog Box Items

Recursive (project only)

Displays the subproject histories as part of the project history..

Include file history (project only)

Displays project file histories as part of the project history.

Include Labels:

Displays the label's history as part of the item history.

Labels only

Displays only the label's history of the selected item. This checkbox is active when Include Labels is selected. You can use this checkbox with the Data Range fields to find all projects with the designated labels, but it will not search through the files in those projects for designated labels.

Date Range

Do not filter by date

Does not restrict the item history by date.

On or before

Displays item history that is on or before the specified date.

On or after

Displays item history that is on or after the specified date..

Include range

Restricts the history report to the specified date range. 

    From: Specifies the starting date of the history report. 

    To: Specifies the ending date of the history report. 

Include Past Days

Only displays the item history in the past several days specified.


Only displays the item history associated with the specified user.


Confirms the options and shows the File/Project History dialog box.


Closes this dialog box without showing any history information.

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