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Project History Dialog Box

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Shows the historical information for the selected project. The dialog box is modeless which means you can view multiple History Dialog Boxes concurrently.

In Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere for VSS, select one file, access the Project History Option dialog box and click OK.

Dialog Box Items


Displays the history of the selected project, including all significant events listed with the most current event at the top of the display. For each event, the dialog box shows the version number, the user who performed the action, the date and time when the event happens, and the description of the action.


Closes the dialog box.


Shows the comments associated with an event, along with more detailed event information in History Details Dialog Box, such as label information, version information, check-out comments, and so forth.


Performs the Get command on the selected version of the selected project.


Share the selected historical version of current project. Files in the historical version will be pinned automatically after being shared to another location.


Exports the project history to a file.

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