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We are retiring ImageCapture Suite on May 5th.

How to upgrade from Dynamic Web TWAIN to ImageCapture Suite

This article is for customers who would like to offer their end users the most flexible choices on document imaging. Besides TWAIN devices, ImageCapture Suite also supports devices that rely on DirectShow like web cameras, etc.

New and Updated Properties/Methods in ImageCapture Suite >>

ImageCapture Suite also supports OCR and Barcode reading. For more info, you can check out:

  • Update your code to upgrade to ICS (ImageCapture Suite) from DWT (Dynamic Web TWAIN)
    1. First of all, most of the properties/methods/events are the same in ICS as DWT, so most of your code can stay unchanged.
    2. The code that must be changed
      Initiation of the control
      • If you have ActiveX edition
        • Replace the old DynamicWebTWAIN.cab file with ImageCaptureSuite.cab from ICS installation package
        • Change the class id for the ActiveX

          From E7DA7F8D-27AB-4EE9-8FC0-3FEC9ECFE758 to D6D6D32A-E059-4174-88F3-5853EB11DE3F
          Or, (trial version)
          FromFFC6F181-A5CF-4ec4-A441-093D7134FBF2 to E61B84D6-979B-4864-91B7-B8C140B58D54

        • Change the CodeBase

          CodeBase = "DynamicWebTWAIN.cab#version=8,0,1"
          CodeBase = "ImageCaptureSuite.cab#version=8,1"

        • A new LPK needs to be generated and put in the right path, remove the old LPK and update the path (LPKPath) of the LPK in your code accordingly
      • If you have Plug-in edition
        • Replace the old DynamicWebTWAINPlugIn.msi file with ImageCaptureSuitePlugIn.msi from ICS installation package
        • Change the type for the plugin
          From 'Application/DynamicWebTwain-Plugin'
          To Application/ImageCaptureSuite-Plugin
      • If you have Mac edition of DWT
        • Replace the old DynamicWebTWAINMacEdition.pkg file with ImageCaptureSuiteMacEdition.pkg from ICS installation package
        • Change the type for the plugin
          From 'Application/DynamicWebTwain-Plugin' to Application/ImageCaptureSuite-Plugin
      Use of the control
      • The use of the ICS control is different from DWT when you try to acquire images because scanners and cameras are very different in the related capabilities. Assume you have the below code for DWT
        function DWT_AcquireImage() {
            WebTWAIN.IfShowUI = false;
            WebTWAIN.PixelType = 1;
            WebTWAIN.Resolution = 200;
            WebTWAIN.IfFeederEnabled = true;
            WebTWAIN.IfDuplexEnabled = true;
            WebTWAIN.IfDisableSourceAfterAcquire = true;

        And below code for Dynamic Webcam SDK

        function btnGrab_onclick() {
            Webcam.IfShowUI = false;    
            Webcam.IfDisableSourceAfterAcquire = true;

        You can merge them to be like this:

        function DW_AcquireImage() {
            DWObject.IfShowUI = false;
        	  var iTwainType = DWObject.GetSourceType(iSelectedIndex); 
        	  //iSelectedIndex is the index of the currently selected source
            if (iTwainType == 0) {//Current Source is a scanner
                DWObject.PixelType = 1;
                DWObject.Resolution = 200;
                DWObject.IfFeederEnabled = true;
                DWObject.IfDuplexEnabled = true;
            else {//Current Source is a web camera
            DWObject.IfDisableSourceAfterAcquire = true;

        From the above code, you can see that we use different code to prepare the device for acquiring images according to the device type. Your own application might be more advanced but the logic is the same.

      • Other than the process to acquire images (in other words, the process to communicate with the device), other features of ICS are the same as DWT/ Dynamic Webcam SDK. You can use the same code for editing, saving or uploading the acquired images.

  • Upgrade for your end users

    Your end users will then be asked to download & install the new control (ICS) when they visit the same page next time.

  • Background

    Dynamic Web TWAIN (DWT) was first released in 2003. Since then it has been chosen by thousands of customers including Lockheed Martin, HP, IBM and Shell, etc. Based on TWAIN specification, DWT is mostly used with scanners. In the past few years, we got many requests from our customers for a similar control for webcams. Therefore we introduced Dynamic Webcam SDK (DWS) in the year 2012 which has almost the same feature set as DWT but is meant for webcams. After that, a few of our customers have come to us with the request to combine DWS with DWT for their applications which are meant for both scanners and webcams. With this thought in mind, our R&D team worked out ImageCapture Suite.