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FAQ and Licensing

Dynamic Web TWAIN purchase faqs and licensing overview

  • 1. License Agreement
  • 2. Edition Comparison

    Editions are differentiated by support for client-side operating systems and browsers. Learn more ›

  • 3. Evaluation License

    Evaluation licenses are used to assess Dynamic Web TWAIN for potential business use, and can only be used in development and testing environments.

    The EVALUATION LICENSE is available for a 30-day free trial.

  • 4. The number of client-side desktops to access the server is unlimited.
  • 6. Upgrade Policy

    It's free for minor version upgrades, such as v13.1 to v13.2. You can get free major upgrades, such as v13.x to v14.x, with valid maintenance contract. Otherwise, please contact sales@dynamsoft.com for paid upgrades.

    After upgrade, your old licenses will be revoked.

  • 7. Per Named User

    The Software can be licensed on a per-Named User per-Application basis. One Named User License allows access to the Application by one named user. Named User Licenses are not transferral. They can be either perpetual or annual.

    Named User licensing is ideal for environments that have a low user density per server.

  • 8. Other Licensing Options

    For any other licensing options, such as OEM licensing, annual licensing, and revenue sharing, please contact us at sales@dynamsoft.com.

  • 9. Volume License

    Please contact our team at sales@dynamsoft.com for volume discount.