Dynamsoft Arabic OCR Professional Module

Arabic OCR SDK for Web Applications; Add-on to Dynamic Web TWAIN

How it works

Dynamsoft Arabic OCR Professional Module provides simple Arabic OCR APIs. It enables you to easily build a robust OCR module to extract Arabic text from images in a Web application.

It seamlessly integrates with Dynamic Web TWAIN HTML5 SDK. With one SDK, you can easily build the document workflow of document scanning and OCR.

Dynamsoft OCR Professional Module Features

  • Save development time and cost with the simple Arabic OCR APIs
  • Professional Arabic OCR engine with high performance and accuracy which can greatly improve your document workflow and work efficiency
  • Integrated with Dynamic Web TWAIN, you can develop key modules of document management - TWAIN scanning, webcam capture, barcode reading, PDF - with one SDK
  • Supports multiple file types as input. These include TIFF (G4 / LZW / JPEG), JPEG, PDF, BMP, JPEP2000, JBIG, JBIG2, PNG, PDA, PGX, XPS, WMP, OPG, MAX, AWD, DCX,PCX
  • Supports searchable PDFs (including PDF/A 1-b), text files (TXT, CSV, XML, RTF) and string variable as output
  • Supports Windows server