1-on-1 Web Training

Thank you for your interest in Dynamsoft products and solutions.

Through web training, our specialists will walk you through the product feature set and best practices. More importantly, they'll show you how to put our solutions and products to work in your business.

Customized Topics and Timing

Our team will learn your usage scenario and interested aspects before the class, so that your team can get the most out of the training. The topics of each class vary based on your needs.

We have teams in Asia and North America to cover requests from different time zones.

Each class has two parts:

  • Demonstration. You are expected to interrupt our demo anytime you have a question.
  • Q & A part where our specialist answers your questions in real time.


For a training session with 1~10 audiences, the price is USD 300/hour.

For a training session with 10+ audiences, the price is USD 550/hour.


We offer FREE product training to customers with valid annual maintenance. Check annual maintenance benefits page to learn more.