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How-to Guides - Decode DPM Data Matrix

Since version 7.2 of Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK, direct part mark (DPM) Data Matrix scanning is supported. To decode DPM codes, some particular settings are required:

The value DPMCRM_GENERAL needs to be set for the parameter PublicRuntimeSettings->FurtherModes->DPMCodeReadingModes.

The value LM_STATISTICS_MARKS needs to be set for the parameter PublicRuntimeSettings->LocalizationModes.

For more information about decoding DPM, see DPM Decoding.

The following code shows how to set the runtime settings for DPM decoding:

char sError[512];
TextResultArray* paryResult = NULL;
CBarcodeReader reader;
PublicRuntimeSettings* runtimeSettings = new PublicRuntimeSettings();
reader.InitLicense("<your license key here>");
//turn on the DPM mode
runtimeSettings->furtherModes.dpmCodeReadingModes[0] = DPMCRM_GENERAL;
runtimeSettings->localizationModes[0] = LM_STATISTICS_MARKS;
//update the runtime settings
reader.UpdateRuntimeSettings(runtimeSettings, sError, 512);
reader.DecodeFile("<your image file full path>", "");

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