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How to set trial license

If you are using the mobile edition (8.2+) or the JavaScript edition (8.2.5+), please check how to apply for a private trial license. For other editions, please follow the steps below:

Get a trial license key.

You can log in the customer portal and request for a trial extension online.

Note: If the trial license expires or it is missing, you can still get barcode reading results but partial of the result will be masked with “*”.

Update the license key in source code.

You can use initLicense() or ProductKeys to set the license.

Code snippet in C:

 void *hBarcode = NULL;
 hBarcode = DBR_CreateInstance();
 DBR_InitLicense(hBarcode, "t0068NQAAAI8+mMcYRNwmijAzExhq******");

Code snippet in C++:

 CBarcodeReader reader = new CBarcodeReader();

Code snippet in C#:

 BarcodeReader reader = new BarcodeReader();
 reader.ProductKeys = "t0068NQAAAI8+mMcYRNwmijAzExhq******";

Code snippet in VB. NET:

 Dim reader As BarcodeReader = New Dynamsoft.Barcode.BarcodeReader()
 reader.ProductKeys = "t0068NQAAAI8+mMcYRNwmijAzExhq******"

Code snippet in Java:

 BarcodeReader mBarcodeReader;
 mBarcodeReader = new BarcodeReader("t0068NQAAAI8+mMcYRNwmijAzExhq******");

Code snippet in PHP:

 $br = new BarcodeReader();

Code snippet in Python:

 reader = BarcodeReader()

Then please save and rebuild your application.

How to apply for a private trial license

For mobile edition (8.2+) and the JavaScript edition (8.2.5+), a 7-day free trial license called a “public trial” license will be used by default if no license is specified in your code. When this public trial license expires, you can get a 30-day free trial license called a “private trial” license. The following shows how to request this license.

  1. Request the private trial license in the customer portal, register for a Dynamsoft account if necessary.
  2. A 30-day private-trial license will be generated and configured to your organization.
  3. Specify your organization ID in your code with the API “organizationID”.


In case a private trial license fails to be generated, Dynamsoft Support team will get in touch with you. Or you can contact us.

Code snippets

  • JavaScript
Dynamsoft.DBR.BarcodeReader.organizationID = "123456"; // replace the number 123456 with YOUR-ORGANIZATION-ID
var reader = await Dynamsoft.DBR.BarcodeReader.createInstance();
  • Java for Android
mbarcodeReader = new BarcodeReader();
DMLTSConnectionParameters ltspar = new DMLTSConnectionParameters();
ltspar.organizationID = "123456"; // replace the number 123456 with YOUR-ORGANIZATION-ID
mbarcodeReader.initLicenseFromLTS(ltspar, new DBRLTSLicenseVerificationListener() {
    public void LTSLicenseVerificationCallback(boolean b, Exception e) {
        if (e != null){ Log.i("lts error: ", e.getMessage());  } 
  • Objective-C for iOS
DynamsoftBarcodeReader *barcodeReader; 
iDMLTSConnectionParameters* lts = [[iDMLTSConnectionParameters alloc] init]; 
lts.organizationID = @"123456"; // replace the number 123456 with YOUR-ORGANIZATION-ID
barcodeReader = [[DynamsoftBarcodeReader alloc] initLicenseFromLTS:lts verificationDelegate:self]; 
* (void)LTSLicenseVerificationCallback:(bool)isSuccess error:(NSError * _Nullable)error
    //TODO add your code for license verification
  • Swift for iOS
var barcodeReader:DynamsoftBarcodeReader! = nil
let lts = iDMLTSConnectionParameters()
lts.organizationID = "123456" // replace the number 123456 with YOUR-ORGANIZATION-ID
barcodeReader = DynamsoftBarcodeReader(licenseFromLTS: lts, verificationDelegate: self)

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