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ImageParameter Object Parameters

Content Organization Control

Parameter Name Description
ImageParameter.Name The name of the ImageParameter object.
ImageParameter.Description The description of the ImageParameter object.
ImageParameter.FormatSpecificationNameArray The names of the referenced FormatSpecification object(s).
ImageParameter.RegionDefinitionNameArray The names of the referenced RegionDefinition object(s).

Cost Control

Parameter Name Description
ImageParameter.TerminatePhase Sets the phase where the algorithm stops.
ImageParameter.Timeout Sets the maximum amount of time (in milliseconds) that should be spent searching for a barcode per page.
ImageParameter.MaxAlgorithmThreadCount Sets the number of threads the image processing algorithm will use to decode barcodes.
ImageParameter.ExpectedBarcodesCount Sets the number of barcodes expected to be detected for each image.

Format Control

Parameter Name Description
ImageParameter.BarcodeFormatIds Sets the formats of the barcode to be read. Barcode formats can be combined.
ImageParameter.BarcodeFormatIds_2 Sets the formats of the barcode in BarcodeFormat group 2 to be read. Barcode formats in BarcodeFormat group 2 can be combined.

Image Process Control

Parameter Name Description
ImageParameter.BarcodeColourModes Sets the mode and priority for the barcode colour mode used to process the barcode zone.
ImageParameter.BarcodeComplementModes Sets the mode and priority to complement the missing parts in the barcode.
ImageParameter.BinarizationModes Sets the mode and priority for binarization.
ImageParameter.ColourClusteringModes Sets the mode and priority for colour categorization. Not supported yet.
ImageParameter.ColourConversionModes Sets the mode and priority for converting a colour image to a grayscale image.
ImageParameter.DeblurLevel Sets the degree of blurriness of the barcode.
ImageParameter.DeblurModes Sets the mode and priority for deblurring.
ImageParameter.DeformationResistingModes Sets the mode and priority for deformation resisting.
ImageParameter.DPMCodeReadingModes Sets the mode and priority for DPM code reading. Not support yet.
ImageParameter.GrayscaleTransformationModes Sets the mode and priority for the grayscale image conversion.
ImageParameter.ImagePreprocessingModes Sets the mode and priority for image preprocessing algorithms.
ImageParameter.LocalizationModes Sets the mode and priority for localization algorithms.
ImageParameter.Pages Sets the specific pages or the range of pages of a file (.tiff or .pdf) for barcode searching.
ImageParameter.PDFRasterDPI Sets the output image resolution.
ImageParameter.PDFReadingMode Sets the way to detect barcodes from a PDF file when using the DecodeFile method.
ImageParameter.RegionPredetectionModes Sets the region pre-detection mode for barcodes search.
ImageParameter.ScaleDownThreshold Sets the threshold for the image shrinking.
ImageParameter.ScaleUpModes Sets the mode and priority to control the sampling methods of scale-up for linear barcodes with small module sizes.
ImageParameter.TextFilterModes Sets the mode and priority for text filter.
ImageParameter.TextureDetectionModes Sets the mode and priority for texture detection.

Result Control

Parameter Name Description
ImageParameter.IntermediateResultTypes Sets which types of intermediate result to be kept for further reference. Intermediate result types can be combined.
ImageParameter.IntermediateResultSavingMode Sets the mode for saving the intermediate result.
ImageParameter.ResultCoordinateType Specifies the format for the coordinates returned
ImageParameter.TextResultOrderModes Sets the mode and priority for the order of the text results returned.
ImageParameter.ReturnBarcodeZoneClarity Sets whether or not to return the clarity of the barcode zone.

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