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Stores line segment data.


Attribute Type
startPoint Point
endPoint Point
linesConfidenceCoefficients byte[]


The start point of the line segment.

Point com.dynamsoft.dbr.LineSegment.startPoint


The end point of the line segment.

Point com.dynamsoft.dbr.LineSegment.endPoint


The confidence coefficients for lines. There are 4 coefficients in this set:

  1. linesConfidenceCoefficients[0] is average positive amplitude;
  2. linesConfidenceCoefficients[1] is max positive amplitude;
  3. linesConfidenceCoefficients[2] is average negative amplitude;
  4. linesConfidenceCoefficients[3] is max negative amplitude.
byte[] com.dynamsoft.dbr.LineSegment.linesConfidenceCoefficients

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