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How to Upgrade

From x8.0 to 8.x

Update the SDK

Replace the old DynamsoftBarcodeReaderAndroid.aar file with the one in the latest version. If you are using Maven, then change the version number in the build.gradle file.

API Changes

Change Name of Import from import com.dynamsoft.barcode.***; to import com.dynamsoft.dbr.***;, like this:


import com.dynamsoft.barcode.BarcodeReader;
import com.dynamsoft.barcode.EnumBarcodeFormat;
import com.dynamsoft.barcode.EnumImagePixelFormat;
import com.dynamsoft.barcode.EnumIntermediateResultSavingMode;
import com.dynamsoft.barcode.EnumIntermediateResultType;
import com.dynamsoft.barcode.EnumBarcodeFormat_2;
import com.dynamsoft.barcode.EnumConflictMode;
import com.dynamsoft.barcode.FrameDecodingParameters;
import com.dynamsoft.barcode.IntermediateResult;
import com.dynamsoft.barcode.LocalizationResult;
import com.dynamsoft.barcode.Point;
import com.dynamsoft.barcode.PublicRuntimeSettings;
import com.dynamsoft.barcode.TextResult;
import com.dynamsoft.barcode.TextResultCallback;


import com.dynamsoft.dbr.BarcodeReader;
import com.dynamsoft.dbr.EnumBarcodeFormat;
import com.dynamsoft.dbr.EnumImagePixelFormat;
import com.dynamsoft.dbr.EnumIntermediateResultSavingMode;
import com.dynamsoft.dbr.EnumIntermediateResultType;
import com.dynamsoft.dbr.EnumBarcodeFormat_2;
import com.dynamsoft.dbr.EnumConflictMode;
import com.dynamsoft.dbr.FrameDecodingParameters;
import com.dynamsoft.dbr.IntermediateResult;
import com.dynamsoft.dbr.LocalizationResult;
import com.dynamsoft.dbr.Point;
import com.dynamsoft.dbr.PublicRuntimeSettings;
import com.dynamsoft.dbr.TextResult;
import com.dynamsoft.dbr.TextResultCallback;

From v7.x to 8.x

You need to replace the old DynamsoftBarcodeReaderAndroid.aar file with the one in the latest version. Download the latest version here.

Your previous SDK license for version 7.x is not compatible with the version 8.x. Please contact us to upgrade your license.

In v8.0, we introduced a new license tracking mechanism, License 2.0.

If you wish to use License 2.0, please refer to this article to set the license.

After you upgraded your license to version 8.x:

  • If you were using initLicense, please replace the old license with the newly generated one.

  • If you were using initLicenseFromServer to connect to Dynamsoft server for license verification, then no need to change the license key. But please make sure the device has Internet connection.

From v6.x to 8.x

We made some structural updates in the new version. To upgrade from 6.x to 8.x, we recommend you to review our sample code and re-write the barcode scanning module.

This page is compatible for:

Version 7.5.0

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