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Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK - JavaScript BarcodeReader Class

The BarcodeReader class is used for image decoding.

BarcodeReader Class Methods


The following methods are related to the initialization of BarcodeReader instances.

Method Description
createInstance Create a BarcodeReader instance.
detectEnvironment Detect the current environment.
isLoaded Check if the decoding module is loaded.
loadWasm Manually load and compile the decoding WASM module.

BarcodeReader Instance Methods


Method Description
destroy Destroy the BarcodeReader instance.


The following methods are related to decoding barcodes.

Method Description
decode Decode barcodes from images, binary data, URLs, and more.
decodeBase64String Decode barcodes from a base64 encoded string.
decodeBuffer Decode barcodes from raw buffer.
decodeUrl Decode barcodes from a URL.

Parameter and Runtime Settings

The following methods are related to customizing mode and runtime settings.

Method Description
getRuntimeSettings Get current runtime settings.
resetRuntimeSettings Reset runtime settings to default.
updateRuntimeSettings Modify and update the current runtime settings.
getModeArgument Get argument value for the specified mode parameter.
setModeArgument Set argument value for the specified mode parameter.

BarcodeReader Class Properties

Property Description
_bUseFullFeature If set to true, use the full-featured WASM module.
engineResourcePath Get or set the engine (WASM) location.
productKeys Get or set the Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK product keys.
version Get the current version.
licenseServer Specify by URL the license server from where authorization is acquired at runtime.
handshakeCode Specify the Handshake Code which determines what authorization is acquired.
sessionPassword Specify a password which protects the Handshake Code from abuse.

BarcodeReader Instance Properties

Property Description
bDestroyed Indicates whether a BarcodeReader instance has been destroyed.
bSaveOriCanvas If set to true, save the original image in oriCanvas.
oriCanvas1 An OffscreenCanvas object that holds the original image.
_bUseWebgl Whether to enable image preprocessing with WebGL APIs, this API may change in the future.

1 The original canvas means the actual canvas which holds the image to be passed to the barcode reader engine for decoding. Read more here.

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