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Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK - JavaScript BarcodeScanner Methods

The BarcodeScanner class is used for video decoding.

Initialize and Destroy

The following methods are related to initializing and destroying the BarcodeScanner object.

Method Description
createInstance Create a BarcodeScanner object.
destroy Destroy the BarcodeScanner object.
getUIElement Get HTML element containing the BarcodeScanner object.
setUIElement Set html element containing the BarcodeScanner object.

Camera Controls

The following methods are related to controlling the camera and its settings.

Method Description
getAllCameras Get information of all available cameras on the device.
getCurrentCamera Get information about the currently used camera.
setCurrentCamera Set camera by its information or device ID.
hide Stop the camera and hide the camera UI element.
show Show the camera UI element, open the camera, and start decoding.
close Close and release the camera.
isOpen Check if the camera is open.
open Open the camera.
pause Pause the video stream.
play Continue the video stream.
stop Stop the video and release the camera.
pauseScan Pause the video decoding process.
resumeScan Resume the video decoding process.

Capture Settings

The following methods are related to the camera’s capture settings.

Method Description
getCapabilities Get the camera capabilities.
getResolution Get current video resolution.
setResolution Set current video resolution.
getScanSettings Get current scan settings.
updateScanSettings Modify and update scan settings.
getVideoSettings Get current video settings.
updateVideoSettings Modify and update video settings.
setColorTemperature Adjust the video colour temperature.
setExposureCompensation Adjust the video exposure level.
setFrameRate Adjust the video frame rate.
setZoom Adjust the video zoom ratio.
turnOffTorch Turn off the torch/flashlight.
turnOnTorch Turn on the torch/flashlight.

Runtime Settings

The following methods are related to customizing runtime settings.

Method Description
updateRuntimeSettings Modify and update the current runtime settings.

Inherited Methods

The following methods are inherited from the BarcodeReader class.

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