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JavaScript API Reference - BarcodeScanner Runtime Settings Methods

Method Description
updateRuntimeSettings Modify and update the current runtime settings.
getModeArgument Get argument value for the specified mode parameter. Inherited from the BarcodeReader class.
setModeArgument Set argument value for the specified mode parameter. Inherited from the BarcodeReader class.
getRuntimeSettings Get current runtime settings. Inherited from the BarcodeReader class.
resetRuntimeSettings Reset runtime settings to default. Inherited from the BarcodeReader class.


Update the runtime settings with a given object or use the string single, speed, balance, or coverage to use our preset settings for BarcodeScanner. From v8.0, the default setting is single. Overrides BarcodeReader.UpdateRuntimeSettings.

single mode has been optimized to read one barcode at a time quickly. This mode performs faster than speed mode in this scenario.

updateRuntimeSettings(settings) returns Promise


settings RuntimeSettings string

Return Value



await scanner.updateRuntimeSettings('balance');
let settings = await scanner.getRuntimeSettings();
settings.barcodeFormatIds = Dynamsoft.EnumBarcodeFormat.BF_ONED;
await scanner.updateRuntimeSettings(settings);

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