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Advanced Customizations

Debugging with Logs

Include the following in your code to print internal logs in the console.

Dynamsoft.DBR.BarcodeReader._onLog = console.log;

Read a specific area/region

To speed up the scanning process, you can choose to scan only a specific area/region.

let settings = await scanner.getRuntimeSettings();
 * The following code shrinks the decoding region by 25% on all sides
settings.region.regionMeasuredByPercentage = 1;
settings.region.regionLeft = 25;
settings.region.regionTop = 25;
settings.region.regionRight = 75;
settings.region.regionBottom = 75;
await scanner.updateRuntimeSettings(settings);

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Show found barcodes

Try the following code to show found barcodes in input elements on the page.

<input id="ipt-0">
<input id="ipt-1">
<input id="ipt-2">
let iptIndex = 0;
let scanner = null;
    scanner = await Dynamsoft.DBR.BarcodeScanner.createInstance();
    await scanner.setUIElement(document.getElementById('div-video-container'));
    scanner.onFrameRead = results => {console.log(results);};
    scanner.onUnduplicatedRead = (txt)=>{
        document.getElementById('ipt-' + iptIndex).value = txt;
        if(3 == ++iptIndex){
            scanner.onUnduplicatedRead = undefined;
            // Hide the scanner if you only need to read these three barcodes

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