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Deployment and Activation

Deployment: Self-hosted, Offline, or Intranet

The following steps guide you through how to deploy the library on your own server instead of using it via a CDN. If you just want to use it over CDN, check out one-minute set-up.

Step One: Deploy the dist folder

Locate the “dist/” directory under the installation folder of the library and copy the entire directory to your server.

“dist/” folder should contain the following files and more:

  • dbr.js // For referencing the library with a <script> tag
  • dbr.browser.mjs // For using the library as a module (<script type="module">)
  • dbr.scanner.html // Defines the default scanner UI
  • dbr-<version>.worker.js // Defines the worker thread for barcode reading
  • dbr-<version>.wasm.js // Compact edition of the library (.js)
  • dbr-<version>.wasm // Compact edition of the library (.wasm)
  • dbr-<version>.full.wasm.js // Full edition of the library (.js)
  • dbr-<version>.full.wasm // Full edition of the library (.wasm)

If the resource files (e.g.,wasm files) are not placed in the same directory as dbr.js, you will need to specify the path using the API engineResourcePath before calling loadWasm() or createInstance(). For example:

Dynamsoft.DBR.BarcodeReader.engineResourcePath = "url/to/the/dir/";

Step Two: Configure the Server

Set the MIME type for .wasm to application/wasm.

Different servers are configured differently. Here are some popular ones:

Please note that HTTPS must be enabled in order to use the component. For how to enable HTTPS, please check out the manual of your webserver.

If deploying to a production server, it is recommended to use a valid SSL certificate.

License Activation

Commercial deployment requires a full license. If you have not purchased a license yet, please visit our online store.

In version 8.0, we introduced License Tracking 2.0 to activate and track usage. Please follow the steps in this article to activate and use your license.

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