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Objective-C API Reference - Result Methods

Method Description
getIntermediateResult Get intermediate results.


Return intermediate results containing the original image, the colour clustered image, the binarized image, contours, lines, text blocks, etc.

-(NSArray<iIntermediateResult*>* _Nullable)getIntermediateResult:(NSError* _Nullable *  _Nullable)error;


[in,out] error Input a pointer to an error object. If an error occurs, this pointer is set to an actual error object containing the error information. You may specify nil for this parameter if you do not want the error information.

Return value

Returns intermediate result array.

Code Snippet


iPublicRuntimeSettings *settings;
NSError __autoreleasing * _Nullable error;
NSArray<iTextResult *> *result;
NSArray<iIntermediateResult *> *irResult;
DynamsoftBarcodeReader *barcodeReader;
iDMLTSConnectionParameters* lts = [[iDMLTSConnectionParameters alloc] init];
lts.organizationID = @"200001";
lts.sessionPassword = @"******";
barcodeReader = [[DynamsoftBarcodeReader alloc] initLicenseFromLTS:lts verificationDelegate:self];
- (void)LTSLicenseVerificationCallback:(bool)isSuccess error:(NSError * _Nullable)error
        //TODO add your code for license verification

[m_barcodeReader getRuntimeSettings:&error];
settings.intermediateResultTypes = EnumIntermediateResultTypeColourConvertedGrayScaleImage|EnumIntermediateResultTypeOriginalImage|EnumIntermediateResultTypeColourClusteredImage;
[m_barcodeReader updateRuntimeSettings:settings error:&error];
result = [m_barcodeReader decodeFileWithName:@"your file path" templateName:@"" error:&error];
irResult = [m_barcodeReader getIntermediateResult:&error];


let error: NSError? = NSError()
let lts = iDMLTSConnectionParameters()
lts.organizationID = "200001"
lts.sessionPassword = "******"
let barcodeReader = DynamsoftBarcodeReader(licenseFromLTS: lts, verificationDelegate: self)
func ltsLicenseVerificationCallback(_ isSuccess: Bool, error: Error?)
    print("isSucc : \(isSuccess) error : \(String(describing: error))")
let settings = barcodeReader.getRuntimeSettings(error: nil)
settings.intermediateResultTypes = EnumIntermediateResultType.ColourConvertedGrayScaleImage.rawValue | EnumIntermediateResultType.OriginalImage.rawValue | EnumIntermediateResultType.ColourClusteredImage.rawValue
barcodeReader.updateRuntimeSettings(settings:settings, error:nil)
let result = barcodeReader.decodeFileWithName(name:"your file path", templateName:"", error:nil)
let irResult = barcodeReader.getIntermediateResult(error: &error)

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