Branch & Merge: The New Features in SourceAnywhere 6.0

Jul 29, 2014

It is exciting to see the new functionalities, Branch & Merge, are now available in SourceAnywhere 6.0. You can quickly find them on toolbar, or by right-clicking any folder.Branch & Merge In this tutorial, let’s go through how to use Branch and Merge step by step. Download 30-day free trial  

How to Create/Remove Branches

Create a branch:

  1. In the Source Control explorer, select a folder or file as the source.
  2. Click Branch.
  3. Select a version and specify the target branch.branch create
  4. Successfully branched.branched

Remove a branch:

  1. Select a branch and click Delete.branch delete
  2. When you click OK, the branch folder will be removed from the project tree.

Note: this does not mean the branch has been completely removed. If you create a new branch which has the same name to previous one, you will see the error message displayed in console: Deleting item $/test-branch: A deleted item with the same name test-branch exists already. Rollback transaction.

  1. To completely remove the branch from your source code repository, right-click the parent folder, and select Properties. Then purge the deleted branch.branch purge

How to Merge Files

merge workflow

  1. Select a branch from the Project Tree, and click Merge.merge project
  2. Specify the target version and click Next.merge version
  3. Next, you can see the list of changed files. Right-click the file to resolve the conflict.merge resolve
  4. Click Resolve, and select Auto Merge (just choose the option you like).merge auto
  5. Finally, check in all merged files.merge checkin

How can I merge folders quickly and reliably?

In order to merge items quickly and reliably, we suggest:

  1. Ensure Target Branch has no checked out or pinned items. If items in the target branch are checked out or pinned, they will fail to be updated. Please check in all items, or undo all outstanding check outs, before merging. Also, make sure all pinned items are unpinned before attempting a merge.

  2. Make sure the file you want to merge is mergeable. In SourceAnywhere, there are two file types: Mergeable and Binary. You can find out or change the type of a file via File Properties -> General Tab -> Type. SourceAnywhere cannot merge binary files. If the file you want to merge is binary, you’ll need convert it to a mergeable file before you can merge it.

If you want to convert files in bulk, we suggest using our File Type Convert Tool.


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