Dynamic .NET TWAIN 5.2 Released!

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We’re more than excited to announce that Dynamic .NET TWAIN 5.2 is released. There are some new improvements we’d like to share with you.

  • New Add-ons:
  • PDF Rasterizer, which performs high-quality conversion from a PDF file (either image-based or text-based) to an image. This way, the output image can be successfully loaded into Dynamic .NET TWAIN.
  • 1D & 2D Barcode Generator, which allows you to generate a barcode and add it to a specified area on an image loaded in Dynamic .NET TWAIN.
  • Added OCR methods
  • Added support for loading encrypted PDF files.
  • Other minor fixes and tweaks.

To learn full features or try out the latest version, please visit at

If you are ready to purchase a license, please visit our Online Store or send your order to sales@dynamsoft.com.

For any tech questions, please email support@dynamsoft.com.

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