Dynamic Web TWAIN SDK v15.3 Released

Jan 09, 2020
Dynamic Web TWAIN SDK v15.3 Released

We are happy to announce the release of Dynamic Web TWAIN SDK v15.3!

Release Highlights:

  • [HTML5] Added a new configuration extendedImageInfoQueryLevel for the method AcquireImage that allows setting up how the library queries extended image info items, such as paper count, pixel flavor, barcode count, and barcode type.
  • [HTML5] Added a new method GetSourceNames(bool bIncludeDetails) that returns the list of available data sources as a string array. On Windows, when bIncludeDetails is set to true, this method returns more details about the sources including its protocol versions, manufacturer and whether it’s the default/current source, etc.
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As always, we continue to improve our products for better performance and more advanced capabilities. 

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