Dynamsoft Barcode Reader 6.5.1 is Released

Dynamsoft DBR 6.5.1

Last Updated on 2019-11-26

6.5.1 for Windows/Mobile/Linux (04/16/2019)

New for DBR 6.5.1

  • [Mobile Edition only] Added a callback function for initLicenseFromServer so that developers can check if the license is active and valid
  • [Android SDK only] Added a new method getVersion to return the version number of the Android SDK

Improvements for DBR 6.5.1

  • Improved deblur algorithm for OneD, enhancing the recognition rate for blurry/out-of-focus barcodes
  • Improved the accuracy of border location and symbol segmentation for AZTEC
  • Optimized line scanning algorithm for OneD, decreasing the computation load for character recognition
  • DecodeBuffer now supports 48-bit and 64-bit image data

Try out the new version

Dynamsoft Barcode Reader demo

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