Dynamsoft Barcode Reader 7.0 is Released!

Jul 22, 2019
Dynamsoft Barcode Reader 7.0 is Released!

7.0 for Windows/Mobile/Linux (07/11/2019)


  • Refactored most modules to provide a flexible barcode reading framework that allows for parameter customization suited for a variety of barcode scenarios
  • Enabled access to intermediate results (grayscale image, binarized image, text zone, etc) during the decoding process
  • Added new interfaces to support video decoding, and frame decoding to improve interactive sensitivity
  • Provided methods to terminate the decoding process at different phases such as during binarization, localization or barcode type identification
  • Added a new barcode localization method, Scan Directly, to reduce decoding time significantly for high-quality images


  • Enhanced error messages related to the license initiation failure
  • Improved detailed results for decoded barcodes, including more barcode format specification
  • Improved results output to enable outputting barcode results in the order of confidence level, barcode position or format


  • Fixed an issue where the barcode could be calculated incorrectly in some occasions

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Dynamsoft Barcode Reader 7.0

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