Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK v7.2.2 is Released

Nov 15, 2019
Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK v7.2.2 is Released

7.2.2 (11/13/2019)


  • Added support for GS1-128 barcode
  • Added a new argument “RecordsetSizeOfLatestImages” for “IntermediateResultSavingMode” to specify how many sets of intermediate results are kept in the library


  • Improved the decoding capability of PDF417 by identifying the start and stop patterns of PDF417
  • Improved the deblurring performance for wide 1D barcodes, which lowers the possibility of fake results
  • Improved video decoding by optimizing frame filtering
  • Optimized the automatic classification for Code 39 and Code 39 Extended
  • Optimized the implementation of region pre-detection mode “RPM_GENERAL_GRAY_CONTRAST”
  • Enhanced the recognition of barcodes with small module sizes
  • Changed ExtendedBarcodeFormatIds to BarcodeFormat_2 to support more barcode formats in the future
  • Improved the setting template inside every sample. For consistency, now every sample uses one of templates of “Best Coverage”, “Balance” and “Best Speed”


  • Fixed a bug in the barcode zone type identification during general statistical localization
  • Fixed minor bugs in result outputs
  • Fixed a bug where OneDCodeDetails doesn’t work
  • Fixed a bug where BarcodeBytes was null when DPM mode was enabled
  • For .NET, fixed a bug where the use of barcodeText and barcodeBytes was reversed, resulting in an incorrect value

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