What You Should Know About Dynamsoft Barcode Reader v7.4

Dynamsoft barcode reader v7.4

Last Updated on 2021-06-08

Dynamsoft Barcode Reader v7.4 brings a few new APIs and parameter configurations, such as DotCode barcode recognition, vector PDF decoding, video frame filtering and so on. Let’s take a glimpse at some of the new features in advance.


  • Add relative ROI (Region of Interest) detection.

Assume the barcode is located in a color zone, for example, the price label used in supermarkets and shopping malls. To boost the speed of localizing the barcode region, you just need to preset the color value of the price label.

Code snippet

runtimeSettings->furtherModes.regionPredetectionModes[0] = RPM_GENERAL_HSV_CONTRAST;
runtimeSettings->expectedBarcodesCount = 4;
runtimeSettings->intermediateResultSavingMode = IRSM_FILESYSTEM;
reader->UpdateRuntimeSettings(runtimeSettings, errorMessage, 256);
res = reader->SetModeArgument("regionPredetectionModes", 0, "ForeAndBackgroundColours", "[0, -1, 5];[-1,56,5];[-1,198,5];[-1,138,5]", errorMessage, 256); // red, yellow, blue, green
res = reader->DecodeFile("Images/red.tif");
  • Support DotCode barcode.

Dot Code barcode is a 2D barcode symbology composed of dots, which could be applied to products transmitted on a high-speed production line. They’ve also been used to track cigarette and pharmaceutical packages.

Code snippet

runtimeSettings->barcodeFormatIds_2 = BF2_DOTCODE;
  • Decode barcodes (OneD only) from vector PDF files.

The vector PDF file is supported to directly decode without rasterizing. The PDF file decoding speed will be improved a lot when calling the decodeFile() method.

  • Add clarity calculation and support filter settings in video mode.

To increase the recognition rate, a clarity algorithm is used to sieve the low-quality video frames. Only high-quality images will be queued for decoding. This is especially helpful for the development with Dynamsoft Barcode Reader Android Edition and iOS Edition.

Code snippet

enum ClarityCalculationMethod
enum ClarityFilterMode

Other improvements

  • Enhance deformation resistance of a QR code, dealing with the QR codes with an embedded image/logo at the center.
  • Optimize the algorithm for large-size dense QR code and DataMatrix. 
  • Optimize 1D deblurring. 
  • Fix the bug of confidence calculation for deblurring. 
  • Fix the bug of error location when a region’s borders are close to a barcode. 
  • Fix the bug that settings of BinarizationModes do not work in DPM mode.
  • Fix the bug that arguments for CICM_GENERAL do not work. 
  • Fix the bug that the developer license does not work on new features.


To get updates about Dynamsoft Barcode Reader, stay tuned to the Dynamsoft blog.

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