Dynamsoft Camera SDK v5.2 Released

Mar 22, 2017

We are glad to announce that version 5.2 of Dynamsoft Camera SDK, the JavaScript webcam and video capture SDK, is now released. The new version has restructured the Windows service part into the common Dynamsoft Service which will be shared by the other Dynamsoft Web-based Imaging SDKs. With the common Dynamsoft service implemented, you can easily implement multiple Dynamsoft HTML5/JavaScript imaging SDKs in your application. For example, for your Web application, you might want to implement the below features:

  • scan paper documents
  • capture images from webcams
  • read barcodes from scanned documents or webcam

You can use Dynamic Web TWAIN, Dynamsoft Camera SDK, and Dynamsoft Barcode Reader together to meet your requirements. They will share the common Dynamsoft Service for communication. You can also easily share image data among the products. Note: The versions of Dynamic Web TWAIN and Dynamsoft Barcode Reader that integrate the common Dynamsoft service will be released soon.

Try v5.2 for Free

Try an online camera capture demo Get 30-day free trial Let us know if you have any questions on the new version of Dynamsoft Camera SDK.

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