Dynamsoft Is 10 Years Old!

Oct 10, 2013

Founded in September 2003, Dynamsoft is now 10 years old. Happy birthday! Throughout the first ten years, Dynamsoft has grown a lot with hard work by all employees. And, of course, we couldn’t have accomplished our growth without continued support from all customers. We are grateful to our employees and our customers for their dedication and help in making Dynamsoft a success. When you reach a decade-long milestone like Dynamsoft has, it’s important to reflect upon the journey that got you here to maximize successes for the journey ahead. Here’s a quick look back. Dynamsoft Product History

  1. Dynamsoft released its first image capture SDK product, Dynamic TWAIN, on Aug. 8, 2003. This was just prior to the official company establishment in Sept. 2003.
  2. On Aug. 20, 2003, Dynamic Web TWAIN 1.0 was released. This web-based scanning SDK has since expanded to support all mainstream browsers on Windows and Mac OS X, including browsers that have come and gone.
  3. On Nov. 15, 2003, Dynamsoft introduced SourceAnywhere for VSS (original name SourceAnywhere), a remote access add-on tool for Microsoft Visual SourceSafe (VSS). In the ‘good old days‘ of SourceSafe, many customers were thrilled to find SourceAnywhere for VSS which facilitated Internet access to local VSS databases from anywhere.
  4. Dynamsoft opened its first official office in Vancouver, Canada, in Sept. 2004. Today, the company has two offices. In addition to the Vancouver office, there is another in Asia. This expansion enabled Dynamsoft to better serve global customers.
  5. Dynamsoft earned its very first customer – LOCKHEED MARTIN – in Dec, 2004. Today, thousands of customers including HP, IBM, Intel, and Siemens use Dynamsoft source control solutions/services and imaging SDKs. See our partial customer list
  6. On Jul. 18, 2005, Dynamsoft released Issue Tracking Anywhere, a web-based issue and bug tracking solution.
  7. On Jan. 5, 2006, SourceAnywhere Standalone (original named SourceHero) was released to the public. This source control solution was designed as a replacement for SourceSafe. To this day many customers like it because of its ease of use, speedy performance, and stability.
  8. On Jun. 4, 2007, Dynamsoft released SourceAnywhere Hosted, which is the SaaS version of SourceAnywhere Standalone.
  9. On Oct.17, 2007, Dynamsoft earned Gold Certified Partner Status within the Microsoft Partner Program.
  10. n Dec. 18, 2008, SCM Anywhere was released. This is a simple software configuration management solution which combines source control and issue tracking features. (The product was pulled off the shelves in June, 2012.)
  11. Dynamic .NET TWAIN was released on Jan. 20, 2010.
  12. In Mar. 2011, Dynamsoft became an associate member of the TWAIN Working Group, which defines the TWAIN standard.
  13. On Dec. 10, 2011, Dynamsoft started providing hosting services for Microsoft Team Foundation Server.
  14. On Nov. 12, 2012, ImageCapture Suite was made available. Based on Dynamic Web TWAIN, it added support for image capturing from webcams.
  15. On Jan. 08, 2013, Dynamsoft released barcode reader and OCR SDKs, available in both ImageCapture Suite (web based) and Dynamic .NET TWAIN (.net version).

Dynamsoft continues to aim to be a dynamic center for software developers. To this end, our product lines continue a focus on source control and TWAIN/imaging SDKs. We’ve made many product updates in 2013 alone to continue to address our customer requirements for advanced source control and image capture application solutions. We look forward to another 10 golden years with our employees and working closely with our customers. Again, we are sincerely grateful for your support during our first 10 years of growth.

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