Dynamsoft is Actively Addressing Google Chrome’s NPAPI Retirement

Nov 25, 2013

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Dynamsoft has been providing browser based document imaging developer kits since 2003. This product line comprises of Dynamic Web TWAIN and ImageCapture Suite. Both include three editions:

EditionBrowser SupportTechnology
ActiveX EditionIE (Internet Explorer)ActiveX
Plugin EditionFirefox and Chrome for WindowsNetscape Plug-in API (NPAPI)
Mac EditionSafari, Firefox and Chrome for MacNetscape Plug-in API (NPAPI)

  A key reason our customers used Dynamic Web TWAIN and ImageCapture Suite is because they enable developers to build a document scanning module within hours. This is instead of having to do months of development work. Thus, Dynamsoft provides compelling development time and cost benefits in its use. As a result, the two products today provide millions of end users with browser flexibility. However, browser providers persistently compete with each other for users and continually evolve their browsers accordingly. Certainly, progress in new browser standards and functionalities may benefit the masses. However, it often also results in collateral damage to developers and users that rely on existing standards and features that are phased out. It’s well known Google (Chrome), Microsoft (IE) and Mozilla (Firefox) are all trying to set up their own browser plug-in/extension/add-on standards. This makes it difficult for developers’ to attempt to support all differing browser standards. These browser battles – which recently includes Google Saying Goodbye to Our Old Friend NPAPI – has an impact on Dynamsoft and Dynamsoft customers. In the past several weeks, we’ve received dozens of enquiries about Dynamsoft’s plans for Dynamic Web TWAIN and ImageCapture Suite. Customers are wondering how our kits will support differing browser standards. For some time now, our R&D team has been actively researching different alternatives to support post-NPAPI Chrome. We have concluded that Chrome-based document imaging is feasible. And we’re excited to state, our team will soon deliver a solution. As a result, our customers will only need to perform a simple upgrade to transition to a newer Chrome browser. To provide further details, there are somewhere around 5,500 companies and government agencies that rely on Dynamic Web TWAIN / ImageCapture Suite for document imaging. Dynamsoft takes it as its primary responsibility to meet customers’ development and business needs, regardless of how the web browser market changes. Some of the options our team has explored include native client, messaging, web socket + HTML 5, and more. We’ve weighed the pros and cons of all alternatives. One certain result is we will use the native API of each browser for interaction to ensure the best user experience for your end users. To continue to provide simple and rapid development, we will also ensure the API for developers will be the same among different browsers. The SDK updates we will soon announce ensure Dynamsoft’s market leadership for the foreseeable future. They will continue to provide powerful, simple, flexible and cost-effective document imaging solutions for our thousands of customers, regardless of browser market changes. Stay tuned for exciting news from us that specifically address upcoming browser standard changes.

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