Dynamsoft Webcam SDK Released!

Nov 21, 2016
Dynamsoft Webcam SDK Released!

We are glad to announce that Dynamsoft Webcam SDK 5.0 is released! The webcam SDK provides JavaScript APIs which enable you to easily and quickly embed webcam capture into your web application. The webcam library supports all USB Video Class (UVC) compatible webcams. Embed Video Stream & Webcam Capture in your Web Page in Minutes Dynamsoft Webcam SDK provides very simple JavaScript APIs for you to access webcams from a web page. For example, it’s as easy as the below code to show video stream in a web page: [javascript]dwsObject = dynamsoft.dwsEnv.getObject(videoViewerId); //Get the Dynamsoft Webcam SDK object imageViewer = dwsObject.getImageViewer(imageViewerId); //Get a specific image viewer var cameraList = dwsObject.camera.getCameraList(); //Get a list of available cameras if (cameraList.length > 0) { dwsObject.camera.takeCameraOwnership(cameraList[0]); dwsObject.camera.playVideo(); } else { alert(‘No camera is connected.’); } [/javascript] To grab a snapshot and show it in the image viewer, you can simply use the code: [javascript]function onBtnGrabClick() { dwsObject.camera.captureImage(‘image-container’); if (dwsObject.getErrorCode() !== EnumDWS_ErrorCode.OK) { alert(‘Capture error: ‘ + dwsObject.getErrorString()); } }; [/javascript] Fully Control your Webcam in Browsers Dynamsoft Webcam SDK supports all common browsers, including Internet Explorer 6 and above, Edge, Firefox and Chrome on Windows. Developers can have complete control over a camera, e.g., exposure, iris, auto focus, backlight compensation, brightness, saturation, sharpness, gamma, contrast, white balance temperature, gain. Image Editing and Uploading Supports simple image editing operations, such as rotating, flipping, mirroring, cutting, deleting or cropping, etc. Uploads webcam captures to an HTTP server as TIFF, PDF, JPEG, PNG or BMP images. Both synchronous and asynchronous upload modes are supported. You can use ASP.NET (C#/VB.NET), PHP or JSP on the server side.

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