ImageCapture Suite 9.1 is Available!

Last Updated on 2020-01-03

Image capture library for web applications
9.1 new version

We are glad to announce that ImageCapture Suite 9.1 is released!

Highlights in this minor update:

  • Added ImageCaptureCore support for Mac Edition.The new property – ImageCaptureDriverType – allows Mac users to directly acquire images via ImageCaptureCore of Mac OS X (i.e. native scan without a TWAIN driver).
  • Improved IE users’ experience when using a separate process for document scanning.In v9.0, IE users might need to manually allow the broker process to run. It is now automated with the enhanced security of the ActiveX edition.
  • Improved performance of Code 39 and QR Code recognition for Barcode Reader add-on.
  • Upgraded Tesseract OCR engine for OCR add-on.
  • Fixed a bug that OnPostTransfer event was not triggered in some cases.

Meanwhile, we have been improving the samples/demos and documentation to help you implement ImageCapture Suite in your document imaging application more easily.

– With the new samples, developers are able to develop an image acquisition web app by introducing a <DIV> to contain the control and modifying several parameters to manage full/trial, licensing info, etc. You can use the JS code directly in your projects.

– The New Developers’ Guide helps you get started with the imaging SDK quickly.

Try online demo application>>

Explore out V9.1 30-day free trial

Looking forward to your feedback on the new version.

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