ImageCapture Suite 9.1 is Available!

Dec 13, 2013

Image capture library for web applications 9.1 new version

We are glad to announce that ImageCapture Suite 9.1 is released! Highlights in this minor update:

  • Added ImageCaptureCore support for Mac Edition.The new property - ImageCaptureDriverType - allows Mac users to directly acquire images via ImageCaptureCore of Mac OS X (i.e. native scan without a TWAIN driver).
  • Improved IE users’ experience when using a separate process for document scanning.In v9.0, IE users might need to manually allow the broker process to run. It is now automated with the enhanced security of the ActiveX edition.
  • Improved performance of Code 39 and QR Code recognition for Barcode Reader add-on.
  • Upgraded Tesseract OCR engine for OCR add-on.
  • Fixed a bug that OnPostTransfer event was not triggered in some cases.

Meanwhile, we have been improving the samples/demos and documentation to help you implement ImageCapture Suite in your document imaging application more easily. - With the new samples, developers are able to develop an image acquisition web app by introducing a <DIV> to contain the control and modifying several parameters to manage full/trial, licensing info, etc. You can use the JS code directly in your projects. - The New Developers’ Guide helps you get started with the imaging SDK quickly. Try online demo application» Explore out V9.1 30-day free trial Looking forward to your feedback on the new version.

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