Introducing Dynamsoft OCR Professional Module

Jun 14, 2016
Introducing Dynamsoft OCR Professional Module

Scan Images and Conduct OCR in Web Apps with Dynamic Web TWAIN and its New OCR Engine Now you can scan documents and perform Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to extract text from images with Dynamic Web TWAIN, using its new OCR engine. This capability is a common requirement for most document management systems. We have received many user requests for an OCR engine to work with Dynamic Web TWAIN, our HTML5/JavaScript TWAIN scanning SDK. So, we are pleased to announce that Dynamsoft OCR Professional Module is now available for Dynamic Web TWAIN users.

Some highlights of the Dynamsoft OCR Pro Library

Western and Arabic Language Support Supports 120 western languages and Arabic. See a full supported language list. Extensive Output You can save OCR results as searchable PDFs, text files (TXT, CSV, XML) or as a string variable. Capture Images and Run OCR with One SDK Along with the image capture and other modules of Dynamic Web TWAIN, you can run OCR to extract search-able text from scanned documents, webcam captures, existing image files and also PDF documents. High Performance and Accuracy Multi-thread processing, zonal OCR and advanced image pre-processing technologies will foster a good experience when using the OCR library. Server-Side and Client-Side OCR Deployment Both server-side and client-side OCR are supported. You can choose an appropriate deployment according to your needs. Learn more about Dynamsoft OCR Professional Module >

Try Out Online Demos

You can play with the online demos below to have a quick try at the new OCR engine. Try Out Server-Side OCR Online Demo

Get Dynamsoft OCR Professional Module

Dynamsoft OCR Professional Module works as an add-on to Dynamic Web TWAIN. If you already have Dynamic Web TWAIN installed on your machine, you only need to download the OCR module. Otherwise, please download both Dynamic Web TWAIN and the OCR module. Please refer to the OCR Pro guide for detailed information on how to use the OCR engine. Download 30-day free trial Please contact us if you have any questions on the new OCR library.

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