Online Document Scan Using a Webcam – Dynamsoft Camera SDK 6.0 Released

online document scan using a webcam

Last Updated on 2018-07-03

We are happy to announce the release of version 6.0 of Dynamsoft Camera SDK, the web-based camera library which provides JavaScript APIs that enable you to easily capture images and documents from UVC cameras.

Online Document Imaging Using a Webcam

The new version added a new Document Mode which helps expand your document capture application reach beyond traditional scanner image captures and enables document scanning with a webcam. Document Mode supports document border detection, auto crop, and image processing (perspective correction, noise removal, and more). A built-in HTML5 document editor is also available for easy editing of document images captured.

Try Out the Webcam Capture Library

You can run the online demo below to see how to turn a webcam into a document scanner for online document scanning. You can also download the 30-day free trial and try embedding the feature into your own web application. Try an online demo > Download 30-day free trial > Let us know if you have any questions on document capture using a webcam.

Further reading
Whitepaper: Using Webcams for Document Scanning

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