Secure Your Scanning Applications From Chrome 45

Sep 08, 2015

NPAPI not supported “This site uses a plugin (application/dynamicwebtwain-plugin) that is unsupported.” Hmm…is there such a message jumping out in your Chrome recently, when you are trying to use the document scanning application? Don’t be too surprised. It’s mostly likely the case if you are still using Dynamic Web TWAIN 9.x or older, which is based on NPAPI technology, and have just upgraded Chrome to version 45. Actually, Google has announced its decision to remove NPAPI support from Chrome long ago. In its schedule, starting from Chrome 42, NPAPI is disabled by default. End users could still re-enable NPAPI temporarily via chrome://flags/#enable-npapi: enable NPAPI However this September, in newly released Chrome 45, even the temporary option is not available, and NPAPI support is removed permanently. That’s the reason why you are seeing the warning message as shown at the beginning of the post. For this Chrome change, Dynamsoft has been well prepared since last year. Starting from version 10, Dynamic Web TWAIN has been technically transformed from NPAPI to HTML5 WebSocket. The latest version of Dynamic Web TWAIN is 11.1. Many of our customers have already made the move to this new version to enjoy the cutting-edge scanning technology. If you haven’t try Dynamic Web TWAIN 11.1 yet, give it a try. Don’t let Chrome 45 catch you. Get V11.1 Now

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