The Anatomy of Guide Program in Dynamic .NET TWAIN 5.1

Feb 20, 2014

Dynamic .NET TWAIN 5.1 now includes a guide program, as shown in figure 1, to help newbies get familiar with the SDK rapidly. In this tutorial, we will anatomize the program to see what features it includes.


Figure 1

Language Selection

C# and VB.NET are both available. No matter which programming language you choose, their implementation logic is the same.


The features are used to help you filter samples. For example, when you select “Annotation, Barcode, OCR etc”, you can get relevant samples as shown in figure 2. In the meantime, the corresponding screenshot will also be displayed.

Barcode OCR sample

Figure 2


You can traverse all of the API demos in samples which include various function implementations; such as document scanning, image editing and saving, webcam access, barcode recognition, OCR and so on.

Open in VS

When you click “Open in VS”, all supported versions of Visual Studio will be listed (figure 3). Once you choose one, the demo project will be automatically imported into Visual Studio.

Open in Visual Studio

Figure 3

Show in folder

This function will open the location where all of the samples are installed.

Run it now

If you want to experience the demo instantaneously, there is no need to import the project code into visual studio and have to build the project to be run. Just click “Run it now”. If the features appeal to you, do not hesitate to download the Dynamic .NET TWAIN 5.1 at here. You can follow our LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ if you have something to share with us.

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