We’re Merging ImageCapture Suite into Dynamic Web TWAIN

Oct 28, 2014

The Best of ImageCapture Suite Makes its Way onto a Revamped Dynamic Web TWAIN v10.2 to Offer Single-Solution Simplicity in 2015

Dynamsoft is proud to announce that ImageCapture Suite and Dynamic Web TWAIN will be merged into one product.

The new merged software development kit will be Dynamic Web TWAIN v10.2 and will be made available in Q2, 2015. Some of the premier features of ImageCapture Suite will be migrated into Dynamic Web TWAIN. This includes the support for integration with add-ons such as our barcode reader SDK. Simultaneous with this change, webcam module (in ImageCapture Suite) will be implemented as an add-on to the core Dynamic Web TWAIN SDK

Note: PDF rasterizer, barcode generator SDK, and OCR will be available in the full version, but not the trial version.

But, this is far more than just a product merge or name change. This new release is also an upgrade stemming from ImageCapture Suite v9.3. The highlight of this upgrade is support for Chrome and Firefox on Windows with a WebSocket application. .


Date What’s happing to ImageCapture Suite? What should I do?
May 2015 Download will not be available anymore. Go to Dynamic Web TWAIN.
May 2015 No more purchases. Go to Dynamic Web TWAIN.

While the company will continue technical support and bug fixes for one year till May 05, 2016, the product will not be enhanced or improved in any way including adding support for new operating systems and platforms.

Okay. Explain that again?

Gladly! The following chart illustrates Dynamsoft’s previous approach to the SDK product line. Dynamic Web TWAIN is pretty much the same as Scanner Module of ImageCapture Suite.


Confusing? You are not alone.

With the new approach, there will be only one Core SDK - Dynamic Web TWAIN - and all image processing modules will work as its add-ons:

[caption id=”” align=”alignnone” width=”489”]Dynamic Web TWAIN and its add-ons Dynamic Web TWAIN and its add-ons[/caption]

Is the upgrade to v10.2 free?

If your Dynamic Web TWAIN license keys are current (meaning they are 10.0 or later) or if your annual maintenance is up-to-date, the upgrade is free. To find out if you are eligible, please contact us at sales@dynamsoft.com. Upgrading from ImageCapture Suite 9.3 or previous versions is not free. Check out the upgrade fee here.

Why the change? I liked ImageCapture Suite the way it was.

So did we. But, ImageCapture Suite and Dynamic Web TWAIN have always been part of the same family. Both have been built on the same rock-solid browser-based document scanning technology. Both enjoy many product generations of development and refinement. In the end, this product merge will save our team some time on development and testing so we can get new features and updates implemented even better and faster for our customers. And, it also greatly simplifies the product selection process for our customers.

Will I need a new license key when transitioning from ImageCapture Suite to Dynamic Web TWAIN?

If you are upgrading from ImageCapture Suite v9.3 or older, then yes.

Are there any new costs associated with Dynamic Web TWAIN?

The short answer is no. ImageCapture Suite and Dynamic Web TWAIN have practically the same licensing model.

Do I have to upgrade?

We will continue to provide technical support to customers who decide to remain on ImageCapture Suite.

If you would like to take advantage of the new HTML5 Edition to support the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox, we suggest you upgrade to Dynamic Web TWAIN v10.2.

Is it difficult to upgrade from ImageCapture Suite to Dynamic Web TWAIN?

We will develop a useful step-by-step upgrade guide to walk you through the procedure. In addition, our professional tech support team is standing by, ready to assist you anytime. There are multiple ways to contact the team, starting from the main “Support” link on the Dynamsoft home page.

Why do you remove PDF Rasterizer, OCR and Barcode Generator from the trial version v10.2?

It is a market strategy we are trying. We will see how it works. :)

What’s different about the scanner module & webcam module?

As the name suggests, the scanner module works with TWAIN-compatible scanners and other devices, including digital cameras and capture cards. Meanwhile, the webcam module enables displaying live streams and capturing snapshots from DirectShow-compliant webcams. We’re available to answer any other questions as you look to migrate to Dynamic Web TWAIN v10.2.

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