What's New in Dynamsoft Barcode Reader v8.4

Jun 09, 2021
What's New in Dynamsoft Barcode Reader v8.4

We are thrilled to announce the release of Dynamsoft Barcode Reader v8.4, which is now available for download. We always apply the latest imaging technologies to improve the decoding accuracy and speed for various barcode types that we support. This version significantly reduced the decoding time of high-density QR Codes with an improved detection algorithm. To provide a quicker and smoother evaluation experience, registration is no longer needed to test our SDK. This new version applied a new license authentication mechanism.

NEW SDK Authorization

Starting from version 8.4, Dynamsoft authorizes developers to use the SDK for 7 days without registration. For a quick test and a smoother evaluation experience, we eliminated the hassle of replacing a trial license key if the initial trial license expires. Instead of a license key, you only need to set an organization ID, which will be generated after signing up for a Dynamsoft account. A valid organization ID grants you a 30-day FREE trial.

High-density QR Code Detection

Decoding high-density QR codes quickly is now a piece of cake with the latest release. Try your dese QR Code with our online demo to experience the quick speed Dynamsoft Barcode Reader offers.

Release Notes

Dynamsoft Barcode Reader for C++ - Release Notes v8.x

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