[Deprecated]Achieve Cross-Platform Web Scanning with Dynamic Web TWAIN V12.0

cross platform scan with Dynamic Web TWAIN 12.0

We are pleased to announce the release of version 12.0 of Dynamic Web TWAIN, the JavaScript TWAIN scanning library for your Web application. The new version includes multiple new features and improvements that facilitate your development of web-based document scanning solutions to satisfy your users’ needs. Web Scan from Any Platform without Extra Installations The…

Dynamic .NET TWAIN V6.2 Added New PDF Manipulation APIs

Dynamic .NET TWAIN 6.2 Released

We are glad to announce that version 6.2 of Dynamic .NET TWAIN – the simple and effective TWAIN scanning component for your .NET application – is now available. The new version includes an optimized PDF Rasterizer add-on with new PDF manipulation APIs: You can now join or merge multiple PDF documents into a single PDF…

How to Implement Biometric Capture (Fingerprint) into your Application


A growing trend in identification and access control is the use of biometric authentication, especially from fingerprints as it offers more security and convenience that traditional user name and password identification systems. Some of the most common Biometric identifiers include: Fingerprint Palm veins Face recognition Retina DNA These biometric identifiers are unique to individuals and are…

The Beta Version of Dynamic Web TWAIN Linux is Now Available

Implement Web Scanning on Linux Machines with Dynamic Web TWAIN Linux We are happy to announce the beta version of Dynamic Web TWAIN Linux Edition is now available. Dynamic Web TWAIN (DWT) is a web-based scanning SDK that enables you to easily embed online document scanning to your website or web application. Dynamsoft has provided…

Dynamsoft Barcode Reader for Android SDK is Now Available

Dynamsoft Barcode Android APIs

We are pleased to announce that Dynamsoft’s Barcode Reader for Android SDK is now available. With this new Android barcode SDK you can easily create Android apps for reading barcodes. Dynamsoft Barcode Reader for Android SDK supports Android 4.1 or higher. Supported ABI includes armeabi-v7a and arm64-v8a. The mobile barcode SDK supports the following barcode…

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